⦾ Create product and business road maps that get buy-in from employees through the board-level.

⦾ Drive a Strategic Planning process to assess the right path for both businesses and teams.

⦾ Explore options including mergers & acquisitions, strategic alliances, asset sales and licensing.

⦾ Support innovation with a solid foundation and proven best practices. 

⦾ Employ an agile approach to get teams humming.

⦾ Explore the best technical solutions for efficiency and scalability.

⦾ Identify functional areas needed for core business activities and those that can be outsourced to gain efficiencies.

Use data for decision making:

⦾ define metrics

⦾ develop reporting and dashboards

⦾ apply market research

⦾ mine data for indicators and trends

⦾ assess and design data structure

⦾ Develop powerful company statements (Vision, Mission, Values, Principles) that clearly tell the worldwhat you do, why you do it, what you stand for and where you are going.

⦾ Create Company handbooks that educate and support employees with clear information and guidance.

⦾ Ensure retention of valuable employees by aligning their jobs and career path with personal values and organizational goals. 

⦾ “Translate” between teams of experts to get everyone aligned on business goals. When all Stakeholders understand each other it increases support and adoption, and projects run smoother with amplified results.

⦾ Create solutions and transition them to employees with training and support.
Develop “train the trainer” materials for internal roll out of company-wide programs and initiatives.

⦾ Align communications across all touch-points.

⦾ Target the right customers with the right message.

⦾ Ensure employees, vendors and contractors all understand what the business does and why. 

We provide strategy, structure, solutions and coaching to businesses
and the people who build them.


  • Diagnose the root cause of pain points and blockers
  • Increased productivity
  • Team building & retention
  • Increased bottom line profitability
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Maximized return on operational expenditures
  • Reduction in cross-functional conflict
  • Sustainable change management

  • Greater success with organizational change efforts
  • More effective team leadership
  • Accelerated goal accomplishment
  • Fact-based decision making
  • Improved self-awareness and self-management
  • Improved relationships with co-workers
  • Accelerated learning

Our engagements start with a conversation.

Tell us what is keeping you up at night and what goals we can help you achieve.

From these conversations we develop a proposal.

Sometimes this is a single meeting, other times it can be a long-term engagement. We respond to the specificity of each client and project with detailed proposals, measurable results and a defined end point.

Our pricing is equally responsive and reflects the level of expertise and time involved. Our preference is to bill by the project or as a monthly retainer – managing hourly billings interrupts flow and adds costs.

From organization to individual leaders who know that they grow best and fastest
when they have a thought partner who engages deeply, challenges respectfully and actively partners
in finding
options, opportunities, and solutions.

Organizations with a

  • willingness to tie each engagement to a defined output
  • an understanding that decisions in the details have a seismic impact on broader business goals
  • a mind-set open to considering new solutions to old pain points

Leaders who are

  • experts, yet aware of their limitations and -surround themselves with excellence
  • who are driven by their past success to create future successes for themselves and those around them
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